I eat one Just Deelicious Chocolate mint bar (sold at Hi Health) every day and have had NO problems.Maltitol Sugar-free Sweetener is available in crystalline and powder form.

Maltitol is a sugar substitute, with 90 percent sweetness to regular sucrose sugar, with less calories.

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The FDA Food Safety Division should re-evaluate and revise the warning labels on food products with maltitol.

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Its caloric value depends on several factors, as discussed in my essay.

Discover the origin, uses and other important facts regarding this popular sugar substitute.

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About MALTITOL: Maltitol is a disaccharide polyol obtained by hydrogenation of maltose.While artificial sweeteners, such as maltitol, may come with some advantages, they are not totally safe to eat.I will certainly try to avoid this product as next time I may have to be hospitalized.Carbohydrates We call them carbohydrates because they are essentially hydrates of carbon. My article was about net carbs,.At first I thought it was the natural food, water, and working out, until I fell off of that wagon.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest today petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to improve the existing warning label on processed foods that.This is an unbiased overview of the alternative sweetener Maltitol.People. Honestly. Glycemic index is totally irrelevant to our line of questioning.Personally, i swear by erythritol, but cannot find many low carb products that actually contain that, without that damn maltitol.

For comparison, corn syrup (a sugar derived from corn) is around 85-92.It may initially seem confusing to have all these sugar alcohols and glycemic values to remember — especially since so many food manufacturers liken all of them to having a minimal effect.The question is, to what extent should maltitol be considered a carbohydrate.Maltitol syrup is a low-carbohydrate sweetener made from maltitol, a sugar alcohol.

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As a rule of thumb, a glycemic value in the 40s (or below) is considered low.

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It does not promote tooth decay and has a low glycemic index.

In addition to the usual white-flour-to-soy-flour conversion, sugar is often taken out and replaced with a sugar alcohol.I also was not aware that Malitol is derived from corn or wheat, which are normally not items in my diet.Foodchem is a top supplier of reliable Maltitol and various other food additives.

I am just going to treat myself to a tiny bit of real jelly bellys when I need them.I ate like ten pieces and sat down to lay down, thats when I felt the sharp severe pain come in waves of pain ten seconds apart and with each passing time it grew more violent.She was sick for two days while I suffered for about four days.

Welcome to the Active Low-Carber Forums Support for Atkins diet, Protein Power, Neanderthin.Had some last night, I felt fine, a lil gassy, but my mother felt sick.Last night I ate Sugar Free Jelly Bellys and like a moron did not pay attention to the warning label that you should only eat 8 at a time.The starch-based disaccharide polyol, known as a sugar alcohol, contains two.It solves my need for a treat and it has 20 grams of protein, plus CLA and white kidney bean in it.

Maltitol is the one you are referring to here, but Mannitol is a natural sweetener that is good for you.Maltitol is only partially absorbed by the body, and it is only partly metabolized.