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I also mistakenly used the vanilla shake with the banana, and it was pretty good too.I found my weight heading in the wrong direction mainly through those days of inactivity and the tendency to eat more when the pain got bad.

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I was hoping someone would jump in and give their story, but seems no one can right now.

Adding veggies to the meals makes them more filling and exercising burns off the excess calories to make the weight drop on a more permanent basis.The second box gave me stomach cramps and gas that made me not fit for public.As for your second question, what you eat is totally your call.I lost exactly 7 lbs over the first month and only a further 5 in the second month on Nutrisystem.

Earlier this year, I decided to give Nutrisystem a shot cause I was 40 pounds overweight and I also suffered with arthritis.The bottom line is that if you follow a program such as this, you will loose weight.Next, some people report getting flatulence (gas) after eating the food.Thanks, I will really do more exercize to try to speed up my metabolism.Best contact info for Nutrisystem corporate headquarters with 1-800 phone number, email, and office.Or do you just have the 3 NS meals, protein shake and dessert with added veggies.I want to give this a shot cause it looks like so many of your readers have had a good experience with this diet and only a few had bad experiences.The price includes online nutrition classes, counseling, access to their customer forum as well as delivery of the food packages.I think my stomach gets fuller faster eating regular food which makes me feel not so guilty when I leave the plate.

Hi Shan, sounds like your going the absolute right way about this — Zumba is great exercise and really compliments the Nutrisystem diet.I always learn something new and this article was a real eye opener.I have not had cramps or anything painful, but the gas was getting to be a joke at home.See how Jenny Craig is a better choice than Nutrisystem and South Beach.I now know that this helps get the metabolism going and keeps the appetite under control.Such as drinking more water, avoiding alcohol, increasing nutrient levels such as vitamin B complex and vitamin C.I am having a major ankle surgery soon and will be in bed for 6 weeks with no weight bering on the ankle and then another 6 weeks of minimal weight bearing.

Its important to contact them immediately if there is anything you think is wrong.File a complaint with Nutrisystem customer service department.Their customer service representative assured me that this was not a membership program and that I would not be auto-billed or shipped.The only fats your body really needs are the essential ones (omega 3, 6, 9) and mono-unsaturated fats like from olive oil.So I guess I had a good experience with this diet and I would recommend it to others.Sure, I knew it would need a big space in my freezer, but I shoulda made more room.

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When we have gone out to eat, which is seldom, anymore, I pay the consequences. Thank you.Whew, it took me a while to read all the customer comments but I feel it was worth it and it inspired my to add my own voice to the collection.I tried Jenny Craig about a year and a half ago and had to quit because the food made me so sick.The general Nutrisystem cost varies depending upon the plan you choose and any discounts you take advantage of.Personally, I love apples and believe one a day is good for you no matter what diet you are on.

I am very interested in starting this program but am concerned about the high sodium content.Their counselors have been great and I do love the food and the convenience.In all that time, I never put back the weight I lost because I knew I had to keep eating right and getting some daily exercise if I wanted to stay at the right weight.The decision to try NS came after I had what I hear folks say is a moment of clarity.I have to agree with just about all of it, seen as I must be a textbook case looking at this.

However, in the last ten years the most I could ever lose at one time was about 15 pounds with weight watchers.Anyways, this is a really great article and I hope it helps a lot of folks do better than I did.If your daughter can resist the pressures to eat and drink things that are the norm for teens and stick to the Nutrisystem diet, then she will lose weight.But how many of them tell you about the things you should really be prepared for before you click on the ad and you then decide to sign up.I would like to ask those of you who have done this program and gone off, if after you went off the plan did you gain back the weight and then some.This diet is good for doing that over two months for most folks.I know of many people who had mobility issues try swimming and found it very theraputic and beneficial.I have no concerns about the portion sizes or taste or anything.

I walked some, then went for a swim every day to start, then after I started feeling stronger, I started simple stuff like skipping, running on the spot and using a stepper machine my wife had.I am 20 years old and have been struggling with my weight for years.Tell yourself that every day, over and over how great you will always look and how slim you will always stay.Even if the dosage is slightly out it can make a big difference.You know you will lose weight with Nutrisystem, because its designed that way as long as you stick to it.

When you stick to the diet, you will lose weight because your body will burn more calories than your consuming.You are still going to find advertisements for Nutrisystem everywhere you look.